Israel at Fifty

Israel at Fifty



Remembrance Day/Independence Day

Remembrance Day/Independence Day 1998   - Selected Readings
Excerpts from Speeches by the Prime Ministers of Israel  
50 Years of Hebrew Song  
Timeline of Events  - Half a Century of Independence 1948-1998
Israel Jubilee Calendar  - Then & Now
Israel at 50  - A Statistical Glimpse
The Ingathering of the Exiles  - Portraits of New Immigrants
The Presidents of the State of Israel  
The Prime Ministers of the State of Israel  
The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel  - by Prof. E. Gutmann
Fascimile of the Declaration of Independence   (Hebrew) - 150 KB
The Signatories of the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel  
The Flag and the Emblem  
The State of Israel Is Born  - Headlines from the World Press - May 1948
Israel's Foreign Relations  - Selected Documents 1947 to the present
Agriculture: Coping with Growth  
Development of the Law in Israel: The First 50 Years  
Development of Water Resources  
Economic Achievements  
Festivals and Fairs in Israel  
Fifty Years of Education in the State of Israel  
The Health Care System in Israel: An Historical Perspective  
The Leisure Culture of Israel  
The International Israeli Table  
Israel and the Diaspora: A Personal View  
Science and Technology in Israel  
Events in Israel  - Israel 50 Jubilee Association
World Leaders Light First Hanukkah Candle  - December 1997
Israel's Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrations Throughout the World  (updated Jan 4, 1998)
   - United States and Canada
   - Latin America
   - Western Europe
   - Eastern Europe
   - Africa
   - Asia and Oceania
Cultural Events in North America  (Israeli Consul for Cultural Affairs)
Israel's 50th Anniversary Celebrations in the US  
Israel Ministry of Tourism - North America  
Israel 50 UK Website  
Posters of Israel  - Shai Ginott
Israel at Fifty - from Vision to Life  - Exhibit Preview
Israel to Host Righteous Among the Nations in Jubilee Year  - February 24, 1998
Israel's Population to Reach 6 Million in 50th Year  (Central Bureau of Statistics) - December 31, 1997

Israel 50 Jubilee Association  

National Photo Collection  - Government Press Office
Tu Bishvat  - The Knesset Celebrates its 49th Birthday
History of Israel National Flag & Emblem  (Hebrew)
The Palestine Post Jubilee Commemorative Issue  -
50 Years in the Negev  (Hebrew)
JNF - Israel 50 Years  (Hebrew)
Ministry of Education 50th Anniversary Album  (Hebrew)
The Great Aliya in Israel's Early Years  (Hebrew) - Photographic Exhibit (CZA)
Israel: The First Generation  - K. Givon Photo Exhibit (Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education)
Snunit Virtual Museum: Back Home  - exhibit by geographical photographer Tal Gluck
Virtual Jerusalem: Israel at 50  

Atlantic Monthly - Flashback: Israel at 50  

BBC News: Israel at Fifty  
CNN Special Report: Israel at 50  
Gazet van Antwerpen  - photo exhibit
The New York Times: Israel at 50  
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum: 50th Anniversary of Israel  
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum: The Recognition of Israel - Documents  
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