Ministers and Senior Officials of the 30th Government of Israel

Ministers and Senior Officials of the 30th Government of Israel


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's new government, comprised of the Likud, Labor and United Torah Judaism parties, was sworn in Monday evening (Jan 10), after winning Knesset support by a vote of 58-56, with six abstentions.




(30th government as formed 28 Feb 2003; Photo GPO) 


  Moshe Katsav - President of the State of Israel

Cabinet Ministers
Ariel Sharon - Prime Minister

Ehud Olmert - Acting Prime Minister since Jan 4 2006.
Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor; Minister of Finance; Minister of the Interior; Minister of Social Welfare

 Ronnie Bar-On - Minister of National Infrastructures; Minister of Science and Technology
 Ze'ev Boim - Minister of Housing and Construction; Minister of Agriculture and Rural Develoment
 Ya'akov Edery - Minister of Health, Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee
Gideon Ezra
- Minister of Public Security; Minister of the Environment
Tzachi Hanegbi - Minister in the Prime Minister's Office
 Abraham Hirchson - Minister of Tourism; Minister of Communications
Tzipi Livni - Minister of Foreign Affairs; Minister of Immigrant Absorption; Minister of Justice
Shaul Mofaz - Minister of Defense
Meir Sheetrit - Minister of Transportation and Road Safety; Minister of Education, Culture and Sport 
Deputy Ministers
 Eli Aflalo - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade (Kadima)
 Ruhama Avraham - Deputy Minister of the Interior (Kadima)
 Shmuel Halpert - Deputy Minister of Transportation (Agudat Israel)
 Avraham Ravitz - Deputy Minister of Social Welfare (Degel Hatorah)
 Marina Solodkin - Deputy Minister of Immigrant Absorption (Kadima)
 Majalli Whbee - Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Sport (Kadima)
Senior Government Officials
Reuven Rivlin, MK - Speaker of the Knesset
Aharon Barak - President of the Supreme Court
 Micha Lindenstrauss - State Comptroller and Ombudsman
Stanley Fischer - Governor of the Bank of Israel
Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz - IDF Chief of General Staff
 Moshe Karadi - Commissioner of Police
Menachem Mazuz - Attorney General
Rabbi Shlomo Amar - Sephardi Chief Rabbi
Rabbi Yona Metzger - Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi
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