Consular services for Israeli citizens abroad

Consular services for Israeli citizens abroad

• Information contained in this website is general and does not supersede the provisions of the laws of the State of Israel.

• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to modify the procedures from time to time.

• In any case of a discrepancy, the provisions of Israeli law and/or local law and/or procedures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs take precedence over the information appearing in this website.

• Note that documents must always be sent to Israeli missions via registered mail. Payment by bank draft is acceptable; payment by personal check is not.

The following services are provided by the consular sections of Israeli missions abroad:

1. Registration of Israeli citizens abroad

2. Notarization

3. Issuing and extending travel documents

4. Registering a child who was born abroad to Israeli citizens

5. Handling of matters relating to the Israel Defense Forces

6. Requests for information from the Population Registry of the State of Israel

7. Requests for information from the Israel Police

8. Notices and updates to the Ministry of the Interior

9. Renouncing Israeli citizenship

10. Inquiries about the rights of returning residents

11. Import/Export of animals

12. Table of fees for consular services

There are several consular matters, that require personal attendance of the applicant at the Consular section:

A. First passport - all ages!
B. Passport for a minor under 18 years of age – in addition to the minor, required the presence of one parent, or both
C. Replace of a stolen/lost/destroyed passport
D. Notification of the birth of an Israeli citizen abroad
E. Notification of change in marital status
F. Notification of selection/change of name
G. Declaration of Waiver of Israeli citizenship
H. Notary services
I. Personal interview/hearing
J. Notification of mailing address / Change of mailing address

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