Registration of Israeli citizens abroad
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Registration of Israeli citizens abroad

The Israel Nationality Law of 1952 establishes that the acquisition of an Israeli citizenship is possible only under the following clauses:

1. Return (cl. 2)
2. Residence (cl. 3)
3. Birth (cl. 4)
4. Birth and Residence (cl. 4a)
5. Naturalization (cls. 5-8)
6. Grant (cl. 9)

Israeli citizenship is granted to those fulfilling one of the first three conditions above.

Those fulfilling one of the last three conditions above are obliged to submit a request and meet the criteria for eligibility. 

Israeli citizens staying abroad for a period of over 45 days must register with the Israeli mission in whose area of responsibility they are staying (click here to download the form Registration of an Israeli National Abroad).

Israeli citizens staying abroad for more than a year must register with the Israeli mission once a year (see the instructions regarding the obligation to register on the inside back cover of the passport).

Fill out the form and send it by fax or email to the Consular Department at your local Israeli mission.

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