Renouncing Israeli citizenship

Renouncing Israeli citizenship

The process of renouncing Israeli citizenship is intended for an Israeli citizen living abroad who wishes to renounce his Israeli citizenship for any reason whatsoever. This is implemented by giving a declaration of the desire to renounce the citizenship, along with relevant documents and an application to the Ministry of the Interior for its authorization.

It is important to note that the decision to authorize a renunciation of citizenship is made at the sole discretion of the Minister of the Interior or anyone appointed by him, and as long as such authorization is not given, the person who made the declaration is still an Israeli citizen. It should be noted that there have been cases in which the minister saw fit, for various reasons, not to authorize a renunciation of citizenship.

A person who wishes to submit an application to renounce Israeli citizenship must report in person to the Consular Department at the mission and implement the following:

Please note:

  1. It is very important to fill out all sections of the form, otherwise the Ministry of the Interior will not handle the application.
  2. The process of renouncing citizenship cannot be implemented by mail. The presence of the applicant is mandatory!
  3. In the declaration section at the bottom of the form - Declaration of Renunciation of Israeli Citizenship - the signatory undertakes, before any use of his Israeli passport, to check with the mission whether his Israeli citizenship has been cancelled.
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