Issuing and extending travel documents

Issuing and extending travel documents

1. General information

All Israeli citizens staying abroad, both minors and adults, must carry a valid Israeli travel document with them at all times. The travel documents issued by the State of Israel to its citizens (passports and laissez passer) are the property of the State and should be carefully safeguarded.

Note that Israeli citizens are required by law always to enter and exit Israel with an Israeli travel document.

An Israeli passport issued to an adult is valid for 10 years, and for 5 years for a minor. For adults - if 10 years have passed since the passport was issued, please contact the mission to obtain a new passport. If less than 10 years have elapsed since the passport was issued, it can be extended up to the full 10 years.

2. Extending a passport


To extend the validity of a passport, please fill out the relevant form, attach it to the passport and send it to the Consular Department at the mission (click here to download the Application to Extend a Passport). No fee is required for this renewal.


A minor’s passport can be extended for five years, up to the age of 17. After his military status is determined, the minor's passport can be extended pursuant to approval of the IDF authorities (for additional details, see below in the sections on renewal and the IDF authorities).

With regard to the manner of extending a minor's passport, please call the Consular Department at the mission.

3. Renewing an expired passport


To renew a passport, you must bring to the mission (or send by mail - see the section on General Information) the following:


Please call the Consular Department at the mission to obtain information on the conditions for issuing travel documents to a minor.

4. Renewing the travel document in the event of loss / theft / destruction

In the event of the loss / theft / destruction of a travel document, you must visit the mission in order to obtain a replacement. Please be sure to bring the following:

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