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 The Iranian threat

  • PM Netanyahu: The greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world is Iran

    30 Jun 2015
    We believe that it is a fundamental mistake to enable such a terrorist regime to get to nuclear weapons, which is what the proposed agreement will give them. It will give them a definite pathway to nuclear bombs. We need a better deal.
  • PM Netanyahu: First, Iran must change

    09 Jun 2015
    The idea is that a wealthier Iran will stop funding its terrorism. This is wishful thinking. To those who say this deal will change Iran, I say - You got it backwards. First, Iran should change. Only then should you reward it with technology and money.
  • PM Netanyahu statement on Iran

    07 Jun 2015
    Preventing Iran from being able to build nuclear weapons is the preeminent challenge of our generation. Today, Iran is sponsoring worldwide terrorism and an unprecedented conventional arms build-up. Think of what it would do with nuclear weapons.
  • Dangerous and destabilizing behavior of Hezbollah

    27 May 2015
    Hezbollah has amassed over 100,000 missiles and rockets in a blatant violation of Security Council Resolution 1701. The presence of these missiles has been lately confirmed by Senior Military Advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader, Yahya Rahim Safavi.
  • PM Netanyahu statement on Iran

    01 May 2015
    The international community cannot afford to let the planet's foremost sponsor of terrorism have nuclear capabilities with which to terrorize the entire world.
  • PM Netanyahu: Statement on Iranian weapons

    19 Apr 2015
    Yesterday we saw the military parade in Tehran and Iran's exhibition of weapons inscribed 'Death to Israel'. Every year the missiles are bigger and enhanced. Israel views with utmost gravity the supply of S-300 missiles from Russia to Iran.
  • Excerpt: PM Netanyahu on Holocaust Remembrance Day

    15 Apr 2015
    The bad deal that is being made with Iran demonstrates that the historic lesson has not been internalized. The West is yielding in the face of Iran's aggressive actions.
  • PM Netanyahu on sale of Russian missiles to Iran

    14 Apr 2015
    This sale of advanced weaponry to Iran is the direct result of the dangerous deal on the table between Iran and the P5+1. It will only encourage Iranian aggression in the region and further undermine the stability of the Middle East.
  • Iran: Statements by PM Netanyahu

    13 Apr 2015
    The deal leaves Iran with the ability to arm itself with nuclear weapons, fills its coffers with money and enables it to continue terrorism and aggression in the Middle East and the world. Iran draws encouragement from the concessions of the major powers.
  • Behind the Headlines: The framework between the P5+1 and Iran

    05 Apr 2015
    The framework agreement would not block Iran's path to the bomb; it would pave Iran's path to the bomb. It will not result in a nuclear program for peaceful purposes, but in a nuclear weapons program.
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