Humanitarian Aid
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Israel Extends Humanitarian Aid Worldwide

  • IsraAID extends assistance to refugees

    20 Sep 2015
    In the face of the rapidly growing refugee crisis in Europe, IsraAID has been in contact with some of the most affected states, primarily Greece and Italy, to support local efforts on the ground to provide immediate humanitarian aid.
  • IsraAID provides relief in flood-stricken Myanmar

    30 Aug 2015
    In Myanmar, IsraAID staff are distributing food, water purification tablets and hygiene kits to people who have lost everything, after more than a month of record rains swallowed large sections of the country, creating a desperate humanitarian crisis.
  • IsraAID at work in Africa

    09 Aug 2015
    South Sudan: reinforcing cooperation between security, legal, psychosocial and medical sectors working with Gender-Based Violence survivors. Sierra Leone: Helping Ebola orphans.
  • Humanitarian Assistance to Taiwan

    28 Jul 2015
    MASHAV donated two skin graft meshers to Taipei hospitals to treat more than 400 victims who remain hospitalized following the severe water park explosion last June.
  • "A Roof for All" shelter program in Nepal

    08 Jun 2015
    IsraAID has launched its "A Roof for All" program to provide safe and sturdy transitional shelter for thousands of displaced families who have lost their homes as a result of the last two devastating earthquakes in Nepal.
  • Israeli dream doctors bring smiles to Nepalese children

    12 May 2015
    The Dream Doctors medical clowns, established in Israel in 2002, have joined the Israeli team of doctors in Nepal, and are bringing smiles to the Nepalese children recovering from injuries sustained in the wake of the earthquake there.
  • IsraAID continues helping Nepal after second quake

    12 May 2015
    As Nepal was shaken by yet another earthquake (7.3 magnitude), IsraAID's emergency response team is on the ground monitoring the situation in vulnerable areas.
  • Israel sets up field hospital in Kathmandu

    10 May 2015
    The field hospital was officially closed on Sunday, May 10, after treating 1600 patients, carrying out 85 life-saving surgeries, and delivering 8 babies. In addition, IDF engineers evaluated the stability of 332 structures damaged in the earthquake.
  • Humanitarian assistance to Chile

    05 May 2015
    Following the devastating heavy rains and mudslides which hit the country recently, the Embassy of Israel in Chile delivered a special cargo containing much needed blankets to the disaster stricken community of Diego de Almagro.
  • Israel ranks high in humanitarian aid to Nepal after earthquake

    03 May 2015
    UNOCHA: Israel sends largest medical aid delegation to Nepal, also excels in search and rescue.
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