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 The Iranian threat

  • Hamas thanks Iran for its support

    17 Dec 2014
    Abu Ubaida, spokesman for Hamas' armed wing praised Iran, thanking it for the weapons, funds, missiles and other aid which contributed to Hamas "victory" in the conflict with Israel this summer.
  • Amb Prosor: How Iran is arming Hezbollah

    12 Dec 2014
    For years Iran has trained Hezbollah fighters and smuggled missiles to the terrorist group in violation of resolutions 1701 and 1747. The evidence of Iran and Hezbollah’s crimes is now overwhelmingly apparent.
  • Iran provided most of Hamas' weapons

    31 Aug 2014
    Ali Akbar Velayati, Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Supreme Leader of Iran, confirms that most of Hamas' weapons entered Gaza with Iran's assistance. Iran also helped Hamas manufacture weapons.
  • Iran and Hizbullah support for Gaza terrorist organizations

    28 Jul 2014
    Senior Iranian officials have expressed their support for increasing military assistance to the terror organizations in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
  • Hamas part of global Islamic terrorism

    22 Jul 2014
    While Hamas operates locally, it is part of the the ‘global jihadist threat’ and is connected globally to terrorist organizations and Islamic terrorism.
  • Israeli statements on Geneva talks with Iran

    28 Nov 2013
    PM Netanyahu:" What was achieved last night in Geneva is not an historic agreement; it is an historic mistake. Today the world has become a much more dangerous place."
  • Behind the Headlines: Geneva Agreement between the P5+1 and Iran

    25 Nov 2013
    Under the Geneva agreement Iran will retain its vast enrichment capabilities. For the first time since the beginning of negotiations in 2003 the international community recognizes Iran's enrichment program and agrees that it will not be rolled back.
  • PM Netanyahu's remarks at the Knesset regarding Iran

    11 Nov 2013
    PM Netanyahu: “The time that was achieved over the weekend must be utilized to achieve a much better deal. The target date for this deal is – the date on which a good deal will be achieved that will deny Iran a military nuclear capability.”
  • Israeli statements following Iranian Pres Rouhani's UN speech

    20 Oct 2013
    The only diplomatic solution that would work is one that fully dismantles Iran's nuclear weapons program and prevents it from having one in the future.
  • Israeli statements in the wake of presidential elections in Iran

    07 Aug 2013
    The first thing the newly elected president said was that Iran must be guaranteed its rights. And the right that Iran stresses that it must have a guarantee on is to develop nuclear weapons.
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