Israel's Foreign Policy - Historical Documents

Israel's Foreign Policy - Historical Documents

This collection of documents is intended to provide readers with first-hand knowledge of basic documents on Israel's foreign relations since the pre-state period (1947).

The original series, entitled ISRAEL'S FOREIGN RELATIONS - Selected Documents, was edited by Dr. Meron Medzini, covering the years 1947-2001. Dr. Medzini selected the documents and placed them in historical context with the help of introductory editorial notes.

Many of the documents were translated from Hebrew into English mainly by the English Publications Division of the Government Press Office. There has been virtually no editing of texts, and the documents are reproduced as they first appeared.

In the renewed series of yearbook publications produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, entitled Yearbook of Official Documents, four volumes have been published to date, covering the years 2002-2005.

Israel State Archives: Publications

The "Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel" series has been published by the Israel State Archives since 1978.

It presents the reader with a selection of Israel's state records and diplomatic documents, starting just before the establishment of the state. Two volumes covering May 1945 to November 1947 were published in English, in collaboration with the Jewish Agency and Tel Aviv University. These volumes also contain some documents in Hebrew. The rest of the volumes were published in the original language in which the documents were written, which in the early years of the state was often English; gradually Hebrew became dominant. Summaries of the Hebrew documents as well as a full translation of the notes, the introduction and the indexes are included in a Companion Volume in English, which was published together with the main volume.

The State Documents Department has also taken part in several joint publication ventures with East European states: the publication in conjunction with Russia of documents covering 1945-1953 (two volumes) and a joint venture with Poland dealing with the documentation of Israeli-Poland foreign policy during 1945-1967.

To purchase volumes from this series, contact the Israel State Archives at 972-2-5680663, or by email,

New Series – Electronic Publications

In 2009 the Israel State Archives began to publish a new series of volumes on the 1961-1967 period. While the first series is chronological, with each volume relating to part or all of a particular year, each volume in the new series covers a subject or a geographical area. All publications in the new series will be available on this website. Some will also be issued in book form.

The publications are in Hebrew, with an English section consisting of an introduction and a list of documents with summaries of the contents. When the original document is in English, a link is provided. The documents are accompanied by photographs and maps.

- List of published volumes of diplomatic documents

Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel, 1961-1967

Selected publications by subject

Israel's Documented Story - the ISA Blog

Further information about several of the volumes:

    • Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel

    Vol. 7: 1952
    Yehoshua Freundlich​​

  • Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel

Vol. 8: 1953
Editor: Yemima Rosenthal

  • Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel

Vol. 9: 1954
Editor: Naomi Barzilai

  • Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel

Vol. 11: January-October 1956
Editor: Baruch Gilead

  • Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel 

Volume 12: The Sinai Campaign: The Political Struggle
October 1956 - March 1957
Editor: Nana Sagi

  • Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel

Vol. 13: 1958 - 1959
Editor: Baruch Gilead

  • Documents on the Foreign Policy of Israel

Vol. 14: 1960
Editor: Baruch Gilead

(in Hebrew only) 
Editors: Marcos Silber, University of Haifa
Szymon Rudnicki, University of Warsaw

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