Humanitarian aid to Gaza continues

Humanitarian aid to Gaza continues


Despite the constant rocket fire into Israel during Operation Protective Edge, the Kerem Shalom crossing remained open, providing food and essential supplies for the residents of the Gaza Strip.
While the IDF transferred goods into Gaza, Hamas fired 83 rockets at Israel.
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Despite the constant fire into Israel, the Kerem Shalom crossing remained open during Operation Protective Edge and the flow of goods and fuel into the Gaza Strip continued.

The Kerem Shalom crossing continues to operate with high security. The IDF acceded to the request of hundreds of Palestinians who hold foreign citizenship to leave the Gaza Strip. The Erez Crossing in northern Gaza also remains open to Palestinian pedestrians for humanitarian cases.

On August 4, Israel established a joint COGAT-International Organizations coordination center in order to streamline the process.

On August 25, 274 trucks were scheduled to cross into Gaza. However, due to the security situation and Hamas rockets, only 203 trucks arrived at Kerem Shalom. Among the trucks that entered were:
• 111 trucks carrying 2,190 tons of food
•    3 trucks carrying 8 tons of humanitarian supplies

On August 26, 217 trucks were scheduled to cross into Gaza. However, due to the security situation and Hamas rockets, only 75 trucks arrived at Kerem Shalom.

On August 24, three Israeli-Arab taxi drivers waiting to pick up Gazan residents and bring them into Israel for medical treatment were wounded - two seriously - by mortar shells fired at the Erez Crossing as Palestinians from Gaza were entering Israel for medical care, forcing the closing of the Erez Crossing. Soldiers evacuated the wounded as mortars continued to fall on the crossing specifically designated for the passage of Palestinians in need of medical and humanitarian assistance.

Wounded Israelis evacuated from Erez Crossing
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During the humanitarian ceasefire in effect from August 13-19, there was a marked increase in the quantity of goods and humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip. However, the ceasefire was broken by rocket fire from Gaza on the afternoon of August 19, which continues unabated. Despite the resumption of rocket fire, Israel continues to facilitate the entrance of goods and aid to the Gaza Strip, and COGAT held a conference with various international organizations to discuss the need for immediate humanitarian assistance for the civilian population.

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Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge (8 July) 5,779 trucks have entered Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing, carrying food, medicines and medical equipment.

Since the beginning of the operation the following amounts were provided to the Palestinians via the Kerem Shalom crossing (data up to and including August 26):

  • 4.58 million liters of diesel for the power station in Gaza Strip, 1.73 million liters for UNRWA
  • 9.8 million liters of fuel
  • 4.26 million liters of gasoline for transportation
  • 4,843 tons of gas for domestic needs

Since the beginning of the operation, Israel has carried out 86 infrastructural repairs: 55 electrical repairs; 18 water supply repairs; 6 sewage repairs; 7 communication repairs.
Repairs have often been delayed due to security threats and safety concerns for the workers.

Erez Crossing: Since the beginning of the operation, 4,243 Palestinians have entered Israel from Gaza and 3,044 crossed from Israel into Gaza. A total of 268 ambulance transfers have been carried out through Erez since July 8.

Since July 8, COGAT has coordinated an evacuation of dual nationals living in Gaza with the relevant embassies. A total of 360 dual citizens departed Gaza via Erez on August 7, bringing the total to 1,160.

On Wednesday, 13 August 2014, in full cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and the Turkish Red Crescent, MDA crews evacuated 18 wounded Palestinians (one in serious condition, four in moderate condition and 13 with light injuries) and 16 escorts from the Erez Crossing to Ben-Gurion International Airport where they boarded a Turkish plane that took them for treatment at a hospital in Ankara.

On August 20, a second group of wounded Palestinians left Gaza through the Erez Crossing for transfer by air to Turkey.

Palestinian civilians transferred to ambulances at Erez Crossing
  Palestinian civilians transferred to ambulances at Erez Crossing
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Medical supplies enter Gaza, July 19, 2014
  Medical supplies Gaza enter Gaza, July 19, 2014
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Humanitarian aid to Gaza, July 19, 2014
  Humanitarian aid to Gaza
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Col. Grisha Yakubovich, Head of the Civil Coordination Department / COGAT, briefing Foreign Ambassadors in Israel
Col. Grisha Yakubovich, Head of the Civil Coordination Department / COGAT, briefing Foreign Ambassadors in Israel on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip - 31 July 2014
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Rocket fire deprives Gazan popuation of humanitarian aid

At 12:30pm on August 10, a barrage of rockets struck inside the Kerem Shalom Crossing, forcing its temporary closure until workers can safely operate in the area.

Only 34 of the 283 trucks that were scheduled were able to cross into Gaza, depriving the people of Gaza of:
• 94 trucks of food
• 20 trucks of bottled water and drinks
• 16 trucks with humanitarian and medical supplies
• 14 trucks of agricultural materials
• 53 trucks of mixed goods (i.e. clothing, cleaning supplies, etc.)
• 27 trucks of equipment and supplies for international organizations carrying food, medicines, water
By firing rockets on Kerem Shalom on August 10, Hamas also prevented the entry of much-needed fuel to Gaza.

At 10 am on August 1, despite the UN/US-backed humanitarian ceasefire which began at 8 am, rockets were fired at the Gaza periphery, including the Kerem Shalom Crossing for humanitarian aid to Gaza, which was closed due to rocket fire and the postponement of 14 scheduled repairs.

August 1 - Hamas deprived Palestinian civilians of humanitarian aid

Field hospital for wounded Palestinians from Gaza

The IDF, in cooperation with  the Red Crescent, has opened a field hospital at the Erez Crossing, on the Gaza border, to treat wounded Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. The field hospital contains an emergency room, lab, pharmacy, pediatric ward, ambulatory clinic, gynecology unit, family and internal medicine, and is equipped to treat dozens of patients.

Since the field hospital opened on 20 July, doctors and staff have attended to 50 patients. Some have been treated and released, some treated and sent on for additional care at a hospital, and some sent immediately for hospital care. Unfortunately, Hamas has directly and indirectly prevented patients from arriving for care at the field hospital.

On 28 July a young Palestinian child suffering from cancer was treated at the COGAT field hospital. The doctors sent him for further care in Israel.

Regional Medical Clinic for the People of Gaza

IDF opens field hospital for Palestinians at Erez Crossing

Palestinian receiving treatment at Israeli field hospital at Erez Crossing Palestinian receiving treatment at Israeli field hospital at Erez Crossing
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