Yoela Chen

Yoela Chen


Yoela Chen


Jan 15, 2002 - Yoela Chen, 45, of Givat Ze'ev, was shot and killed by Palestinian terrorists near the gas station at the entrance to Givat Ze'ev shortly before 20:00.

Yoela Chen was killed and her aunt, Rachel Heini, 70, was moderately injured in a Tuesday evening shooting attack near the entrance to Givat Ze'ev, north of Jerusalem. Yoela and her aunt were on their way to a family wedding in Jerusalem. The two women stopped at a gas station when gunmen approached their vehicle and opened fire at short range.

One of Yoela's brothers was driving behind her and witnessed the shooting. He notified his three brothers, who were already at the wedding.

Yoela worked as a secretary in Wolfson Hospital in Holon. "She was a wonderful woman, she loved helping," said Moshe Cohen, brother of the bride. "She wanted to take part in the wedding, and her husband stayed home to take care of the children. She was killed on the way."

Yoela Chen was buried in Jerusalem. She is survived by her husband and two children.

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