Yosef Habi

Yosef Habi


Yosef Habi


Mar 5, 2002 - Yosef Habi, 52, of Herzliya was one of three people killed in Tel-Aviv when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire on two adjacent restaurants shortly after 2:00 AM.

Shortly after 2 A.M., a Palestinian terrorist took up a position on a pedestrian bridge in the center of Tel-Aviv and opened fire with a long-barreled M-16 assault rifle at two restaurants below. Habi and his wife Haya had just left the restaurant when the terrorist arrived. The terrorist fired at Haya, injuring her. Yosef came to her help, shouting: "Don't shoot." The terrorist fired at Yosef's legs. Yosef struggle with the terrorist, but was fatally wounded by a stab wound in the chest.

Yosef Habi was manager of the Best Bayit building company and a manpower company, and also served as a director of a number of public companies. He is known as brilliant and modest businessman.

"He had a magnificent soul. He was a philanthropist out of kindness, he helped everyone who would ask. He helped people get jobs, and donated money to synagogues and yeshivot," said his friend, Ze'ev Maoz.

Yosef Habi was buried in Herzliya. He is survived by wife, Haya, his son Itzik (21), a soldier, and daughter Sima (24), a law student.

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