Rabin Assassination Indictments

Rabin Assassination Indictments


 YITZHAK RABIN: 1922-1995
(Communicated by Ministry of Justice Spokesperson)
Jerusalem, 6 December 1995

An indictment against Yigal Amir has been submitted by the Tel Aviv District Prosecutors office to the Tel Aviv District Court.

In the five-page indictment, Yigal Amir is accused of premeditated murder and injury under aggravating circumstances.

Yigal Amir is charged with having made a decision to thwart implementation of the Oslo I Accord by attacking the leaders directing the peace process focussing primarily on Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The accused decided to kill Yitzhak Rabin first because as the policy's navigator, Rabin represented a more tangible threat to him.

On Saturday, 4.11.95, the accused approached his brother Haggai and told him that he intended to attend the peace rally that evening in Tel Aviv and use his gun to kill the prime minister. Haggai tried to dissuade the accused from doing this, claiming that the heavy security around the prime minister lessened his chances of success and of remaining alive and that the way to carry this out is to use a sniper rifle equipped with telescopic aim, which they did not possess at the time.

Nevertheless without informing Haggai and Dror, the accused decided to kill the prime minister during this rally. On Saturday night, the accused loaded the magazine of his pistol with bullets he had purchased and which Haggai had made: bullet 1 -- hollowpoint; bullet 2 -- regular; bullet 3 -- hollowpoint plus an additional four regular and four hollowpoint bullets made by Haggai.

Yigal Amir loaded the magazine cartridge into his pistol, flipped on the safety lock and tucked the gun inside his pants on his right side with his shirt covering it.

Amir left his home at approximately 19:45 hours and used public transportation to reach the intersection of Ibn Gabirol and Arlozorov Streets in Tel Aviv. From there he walked towards Malchei Yisrael Square where the rally was being held.

The accused removed his kippa, wandered about the area and decided to position himself in the parking lot next to City Hall, where the prime minister's and foreign minister's cars were parked. The accused stood in that spot for approximately 40 minutes and waited for the rally to end. At 21:45 hours the prime minister left the dais escorted by his bodyguards, and walked toward his car. One of them opened the car door and the prime minister prepared to step in. The accused approached the prime minister, and with the premeditated intention of murdering him, fired three bullets in his back at close range. Two bullets hit the prime minister, penetrating his body and another bullet hit the left hand of bodyguard Yoram Rubin, who tried to protect the prime minister.

A regular bullet hit the bodyguard's hand causing his 6 day hospitalization at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. The bullets which hit the prime minister were hollowpoint bullets. One entered his back from the right side and went through his right lung. The second bullet penetrated his left hip from behind and passed through his spleen, diaphragm and left lung. The prime minister was rushed to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv where he died at 22:30 hours as a result of severe trauma to his lungs and spleen.

The indictment lists 47 witnesses.

The Tel Aviv District Prosecutors office has submitted a request to the Tel Aviv District Court to hold Yigal Amir in custody until the conclusion of proceedings against him. In the request, prosecuting attorney Pnina Guy wrote that the prosecution has convincing evidence proving that the respondent is guilty of carrying out the crimes attributed to him including, inter alia, police confessions, reenactments, court confessions during remand extension hearings, his apprehension immediately after the killing and expert opinions.

The custody request points out that the crimes ascribed to Yigal Amir are among the most serious ones in the criminal codes. He conspired with others to kill the prime minister and devised the most frightening and terrifying schemes to carry out his plan. The conspiracy ended with the successful completion of this heinous mission which tragically cut short the prime minister's life.

Therefore, the District Prosecutor is asking that Yigal Amir be held in custody until the conclusion of criminal proceedings against him.

The Tel Aviv District Prosecutors office also submitted an eight page indictment, containing four separate charges against Yigal Amir, Haggai Amir and Dror Adani to the Tel Aviv District Court.

The accused are charged based on the following legislation:

  1. Conspiring to commit a murder.

  2. Illegal possession of a weapon.

  3. Illegal carrying of a firearm.

  4. Illegal manufacturing of weapons and transferring same to another.

  5. Illegal transferring of weapons to another.

  6. Conspiracy to commit a crime.

      The indictment includes 43 prosecution witnesses.

      Noting the severity of the crimes -- some of which carry a 15 year prison term -- prosecuting attorney Pnina Guy submitted a request to the court that instructions be issued requiring the case be tried before a three- judge panel. The specific crimes referred to the conspiracy plotted by the accused to kill the prime minister and to commit arson, to shoot and injure Arabs. In order to plot and promote their conspiracy, the three, but primarily Yigal and Haggai Amir, accumulated a weapons' cache as detailed in the indictment.

      Due to the extraordinarily severe crimes attributed to the accused and the implications it will have from the public's perspective, the president of the court is asked to order that the case be heard by a three-judge panel.

      Given the nature of the accusations them, the prosecutor also requests that the court order that defendants remain in custody until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings against them. The first indictment considers respondents' plot to kill the prime minister and the horrifying, dreadful suggestions made by them which caused this plot to materialize.

      The other indictments are also appalling in their severity, including the huge arms cache found in the Amir home and their conspiracy with Adani involving him and use of his Uzi machine gun.

      The arms storehouse in the Amir home testifies to the extent and danger of the conspiracy. Surely the crimes ascribed to these three indicates their danger to society at large.

    The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin: 1922-1995
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