Rabin Funeral- Eulogy by Felipe Gonzalez

Rabin Funeral- Eulogy by Felipe Gonzalez


 YITZHAK RABIN: 1922-1995
  Eulogy for the Late Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin by Felipe Gonzalez, Prime Minister of Spain and Current EU President

Mt. Herzl, Jerusalem
6 November 1995

[Translated from Spanish]

Dear Rabin family, magistrates, excellencies, sirs and madams, as the prime minister of the government of Spain I would like to express to you my most profound sentiment of pain and consternation of the horrible crime that has ended the life of Yitzhak Rabin, and I would like to let you know how I feel exactly.

I've known him for many years, a man whom I admired as a patriot and as a fervent fighter of peace and the ideals that mark the road to peace. In the last few weeks, in his home, in Washington and New York, I was able to confirm his vitality, his illusion, and his firm commitment to the virtue of peace. Many times he expressed to me his desire for a peace process, one of the greatest services of the State of Israel. He knew he had to be strong. He was very strong as a military man and as a leader of his country and political leader.

His vision was that of the future, to defend the values of peace and understanding and cooperation, always with courage and with a deep political reality. He knew that terrorism and ignorance were the true enemies of peace. He has fallen to a cowardly act. His death today should make us more committed to peace and for the stability of the Middle East.

The European Union now reaffirms its commitment to peace much like Mr. Rabin was committed to peace. We make a calling out now, a general calling, to the future of all, regional leaders and citizens alike, to continue their contributions towards a peaceful solution to all conflict, as was his desire. The only thing we have now are his memories and the memories of his efforts of an exceptional human being, a human being of quality. We also have a conviction that the best way we can recognize his memory is to continue working for peace.

We will continue to back his vision and, to his family, who also share in his vision of peace, and all the citizens of Israel, I offer my respect, my solidarity, and my thoughts. In the midst of our mourning we would like to be consoled by knowing that his project will continue.

The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin: 1922-1995
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