PM Barak- Israel has proven its commitment to peace-31-Dec-2000
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 PM Barak- Israel has proven its commitment to peace-31-Dec-2000


Jerusalem, 31 December 2000

PM Barak: Israel has proven its commitment to peace
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

) Prime Minister Ehud Barak, at the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), December 31, 2000, commented on the sides' response to US President Clinton's ideas and said that we must prepare for two possibilities:

If the Palestinians accept President Clinton's proposals, it will then be possible to continue the process while adhering to our principle of no right of return to Israel and the Prime Minister's intention not to sign any document that transfers sovereignty over the Temple Mount to the Palestinians.

If the Palestinians are not ready to move the process forward at this time, their negative answer is liable to lead to increased violence. In such a situation, Israel will take a time-out and prepare for a unilateral separation while leaving the door ajar to a continuation of the process when the Palestinians are ready for it.

The State of Israel gave a positive answer in principle to President Clinton that is conditioned on a positive answer by the other side. In its positive answer in principle to President Clinton, Israel proved that it is committed to the peace process. "The Israeli government will continue to act towards achieving this goal while upholding the State of Israel's vital national and security interests. If it becomes clear that the other side is unwilling, Israel will have answers and positions - and will be prepared - for every possibility," Prime Minister Barak said.

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