What We Do
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 What We Do

  • Agriculture

    Applied research, the introduction of innovative technologies and the promotion of agricultural crop intensification and diversification are key elements in attaining food security.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Development

    MASHAV promotes innovating entrepreneurship as a means of advancing growth and prosperity in the developing world.
  • Gender

    Israel has always considered investment in training women to be central to sustainable development.
  • Education

    Six primary goals relating to early childhood, primary education, lifelong learning, adult literacy, gender parity and quality education constitute a collective framework for action for achieving Education for All.
  • Community Development

    Focusing on socio-economic development as a tool for poverty eradication, MASHAV stresses the importance of bottom-up development.
  • Rural and Urban Development

    The multi-disciplinary approach promotes integrated regional development, combining both vertical integration at the macro and micro planning levels, as well as horizontal integration of the different sectors.
  • Medicine and Public Health

    MASHAV serves as a bridge between Israel's medical community and the developing world.