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 Hamas terror war against Israel

  • Rocket fire from Gaza and Palestinian ceasefire violations after Operation Cast Lead (Jan 2009)

    17 Nov 2015
    On April 16, 2001 Hamas launched its first rocket into Israel. In 2012, 1,632 rockets hits were identified in Israeli territory. During Operation Protective Edge (July 8, 2014) 3,852 rockets hits were identified in Israel.
  • Gaza merchant arrested for diverting building materials for terrorist purposes

    04 Nov 2015
    Tamer Ahmed Barim transferred hundreds of tons of building materials earmarked for the rehabilitation and development of the Gaza Strip directly to the Hamas terrorist organization, circumventing the UN monitoring system.
  • Massive unlawful military buildup by Hamas

    30 Sep 2015
    Allocation of resources to military buildup is mainly done at the expense of the Palestinian public in Gaza - the same public whose dire financial situation the Hamas leaders decry at every opportunity, blaming Israel in the process.
  • Hamas terrorist arrested for constructing tunnels from Gaza

    16 Aug 2015
    Shaer confessed to have been fully involved in the planning of the continued terror tunnel network in the Gaza Strip over recent months. He also confirmed that Iran has trained Hamas operatives to infiltrate Israeli territory and airspace.
  • The Gaza Strip one year after Operation Protective Edge

    20 Jul 2015
    The drastic decrease in rocket fire from the Gaza Strip has been caused by Hamas' policy of restraint, the result of its desire to gain time to restore its military-terrorist capabilities, which were severely damaged in Operation Protective Edge.
  • Rockets fired from Gaza hit southern Israel

    07 Jun 2015
    One rocket was fired from Gaza at approximately 9:40 pm Saturday night, landing in an open area near Ashkelon. PM Netanyahu: "Israel holds Hamas responsible for all firing from the Gaza Strip at our territory."
  • Hamas terror cell apprehended in Qalqilya

    22 Mar 2015
    Members of the terror cell in Qalqilya affiliated with Hamas confessed to plotting a series of terror attacks against Israelis, as well as revealing dozens of kilograms of chemical substances used to manufacture explosive devices.
  • Major Gaza Strip smuggling ring broken

    02 Mar 2015
    The case underscores how Hamas cynically exploits Israel's humanitarian approach and how it does not hesitate to endanger the basic interests of the Palestinian public in its efforts to rebuild its Gaza-based military capabilities.
  • Hamas terror shipment intercepted

    11 Feb 2015
    This shipment highlights that when Hamas chose to smuggle materials for rockets and mortars, it chose not to invest in the rehabilitation for the people of Gaza.
  • Cross-border attack from Gaza

    24 Dec 2014
    ​In response to the unprovoked attack, in which an IDF combat soldier from the Bedouin Reconnaissance Battalion was severely wounded, the IDF targeted Hamas positions in Gaza with tank fire and an airstrike.
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